Recording new album!

Very excited to announce the first step of the recording of Whisper of a Shadow Opus 1!

After two years of intensive work, I am very happy to start the recording of this ambitious project surrounded by some of the best musicians including Evan Christopher – Clarinet Road (clarinet) who collaborated with me on the project by bringing his musical expertise in the New Orleans music style, as well as  Herlin Riley (drums), Aaron Diehl (piano), Roland Guerin (bass), Nicholas Payton & Yohan Giaume (trumpets), Tristan Liehr & Louis-Jean Perreau (Violins), Manu Emmanuel François (viola), Thomas Ravez (Cello), Philippe Makaïa & Bago. balthazar (Percussions), Chuck Perkins (poetry, spoken word performance), Bruce Sunpie Barnes, Nell Simmons, Merv Campbell, Troy Sawyer, Casme’Barnes (vocals), Greg Hicks & Terrance Taplin (trombones), Matt Perrine (tuba) and other guests.

For that recording that happen in the “crescent city” ( New Orleans), we have chosen the best ever recording studio in the City, Esplanade Studios. The studios were build by excellent sound engineer Misha Kachkachishvili in an Church that was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Misha has transformed this place in an incredible recording studio with a beautiful natural acoustic sound.